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      NAHC Report: Home care and hospice news, delivered daily.

      NAHC Events: Information on NAHC meetings, education and web events, delivered monthly.

      NAHC Business Link: Special offers from NAHC members, delivered biweekly.

      ListServ: Two email discussion groups for NAHC provider members and Private Duty Home Care members, available as a digest, or in realtime as 10-20 messages per day.

      Home Care & Hospice Financial Managers Associations:
      (HHFMA) Join more than 600 financial professionals to share best practices in finance and administration in the home care industry. Membership includes a monthly web conference, discounts to Financial Managers Conference and access to the HHFMA listserv discussion group; available as a digest or you can receive messages in realtime. (Membership in HHFMA is $100 per individual).

      Private Duty Home Care at NAHC:
      Join a group of private duty home care leaders working together to elevate care in the home through leadership, advocacy, education, and innovation. Powered with the expertise, influence, and resources of NAHC, Private Duty Home Care works in partnership with our members and the greater private duty community, aiming to set the standard for excellence in practice for the future in private home-based care and services. Your membership includes tailored monthly education and resources, a weekly digital newsletter, access to a dedicated list serv to collaborate, and complimentary access to apply for NAHC Private Duty Home Care Certification. Please indicate you’d like to receive private duty home information below.

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        What is Private Duty Source?

Association dues payments, to NAHC or otherwise, are not tax deductible as charitable contributions, Sections 501[c]5 and [c]6. The Internal Revenue Code limits the amount of business expense deductions for dues paid to an association that engages in lobbying activities even if dues are not used for lobbying; the amount excluded for 2023 is 23% based on IRS criteria.

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